The settlements below are a representative sampling of the cases handled by the attorneys at Friedman & Bonebrake, P.C. For more information please call us at 312-466-8200.

$4,000,000 jury verdict award obtained for a mother whose 9-year-old child died due to medical malpractice. The young boy was brought into the emergency room complaining of chest pain, vomiting, and coughing. The emergency room physician diagnosed the child with pneumonia, but failed to identify lesions in the boy's lungs as consistent with other serious conditions requiring specific treatment. The radiologist who reviewed the child's X-rays noted the presence of these lesions, but failed to notify the child's attending physician - a violation of established ER policy. The child received unnecessary pneumonia treatment and was discharged. Several months later, a different hospital diagnosed him with a fungal infection known as blastomycosis. Although the child was then given proper treatment, the infection had already become too widespread, and he died several days later. Friedman & Bonebrake, P.C. were able to secure a $4,000,000 judgment in favor of the boy's mother for wrongful death, medical bills, funeral expenses, and pain and suffering.

$4,500,000 settlement after a newborn suffered permanent brain damage due to an overdose of prescription medication Friedman & Bonebrake obtained a settlement for the family of a newborn who was born with a heart defect and suffered permanent brain damage after a nurse injected an overdose of prescribed medication.

$3,530,000 awarded to a women who was misdiagnosed by a Doctor after surgery: Friedman & Bonebrake obtained a verdict in a Medical Malpractice case. The verdict was for a patient who had spinal surgery. Her physician failed to timely diagnose and treat a post operative infection resulting in six surgeries to repair her spine. This client is now permanently disabled.

$1,500,000 awarded to a forty-nine year old man who was undergoing hemodialysis for his kidney disease. The hemodialysis is administered through a catheter that is permanently placed in one of the patient's veins. A few weeks after beginning treatment, his catheter began to show obvious signs of an infection. When a patient is properly treated with antibiotics and by removal of the infected catheter, there is very little risk. Unfortunately, the doctors and nurses failed to remove the infected catheter and failed to promptly start antibiotic treatments. The infection eventually spread and caused him to suffer a lethal stroke. He was survived by his wife and two adult daughters. After four years of litigation and a one week trial, attorney Matthew C. Friedman obtained a 1.5 million dollar jury award for the victim's family.

$1,300,000 awarded to the family of a local 17 year old boy enjoyed playing basketball and planned on joining the Navy after he graduated high school. His life was cut tragically short one evening when a semi-tractor-trailer rear-ended the vehicle in which he was a passenger. He died of thermal injuries in the crash. He was survived by his grandmother and 13 year old brother. Attorney Matthew C. Friedman obtained a 1.3 million dollar settlement from the truck driver's insurance company.

$1,100,000 awarded to a client who was misdiagnosed and discharged prematurely by a hospital resulting in permanent damage to the optic nerve of the left eye and limited vision in the right eye. The client (with prior history of cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus with shunt placement as a baby) had presented with severe headaches, vomiting, photophobia, seizures and decreased vision. Client was discharged twice after CT and MRI films did not show dilated ventricles or other evidence of shunt failure, and then returned a third time in 8 days with complete loss of vision.

$1,000,000 awarded to 36 year old man was working to lower an industrial smokestack. While working on top of the smokestack, the boiler was turned up, causing our client to suffer carbon monoxide poisoning. He survived this incident but suffered mild cognitive damage. Attorneys James G. Bonebrake, Matthew C. Friedman, and Keith A. Karlson obtained a $1,000,000.00 settlement from the general contractor and the owner of the smokestack.

$1,000,000.00 settlement to a client who was t-boned by a semi-tractor trailer: client suffered fractured ribs, pneumothorax, and herniated discs in her neck. She required surgery for her pneumothorax and a spinal fusion on her neck.

$950,000 settlement awarded to the family of an infant. Friedman & Bonebrake obtained a settlement against a pediatrician. The physician should have ordered a home apnea monitor at time of discharge of a female infant, who had an admitting history of ALTE (apparent life threatening event involving apnea and color change). As a result, the baby died at age 3 months.

$950,000 awarded to a client who suffered a stroke and was permanently disabled after a neurologist incorrectly attributed the client's right-side numbness/weakness to migraines with aura, failing to rule out TIA (transient ischemic attack) a warning sign for stroke.

$800,000 awarded to the family of a 22 year old woman who had car trouble one evening on the Dan Ryan Expressway. She pulled over to the shoulder and waited in her car for help. Tragically, while parked on the shoulder, a drunk driver rear-ended her vehicle and she died upon arrival to the emergency room. She was survived by her mother and 10 year old brother. Matthew C. Friedman obtained a $800,000.00 settlement from the driver's insurance company.

$775,000 awarded to a truck driver who suffered injuries when two ductile iron pipes fell from the top of a 12′high load onto his foot when he unfastened the nylon straps at a Michigan unloading site. His foot had multiple fractures and the heel fat pad was lost, causing him to have no shock absorption; he now cannot walk more than one block. Friedman & Bonebrake were able to determine that the loader failed to nail the stabilizing wedges in place and rules at the loading terminal forbade the man from getting out of the truck so he could not inspect the load himself.

$750,000 awarded to a child with down's syndrome went to a Chicago hospital for a tonsillectomy. Prior to the surgery, the anesthesiologist had a great deal of difficulty inserting the breathing tube. After the procedure, the anesthesiologist immediately removed her breathing tube. The child aspirated fluid and she was unable to breath for several minutes. With downs syndrome patients and where there is difficulty inserting the breathing tube, the standard of care requires the anesthesiologist to wait about 24 hours to remove the breathing tube. The child suffered some significant brain damage. After a lengthy hospitalization at another hospital, the child made a full recovery. Matthew C. Friedman obtained a $750,000.00 settlement from the doctor's insurance company.

$500,000 awarded to the family of a woman who suffered a heart attack from internal bleeding after a nurse failed to follow procedure following a surgery to place a cardiac catheter. Client had a history of heart attack, stroke, end stage renal disease and dialysis. After the procedure, nurses failed to follow the doctor's order to notify cardiologist if her systolic blood pressure dropped below 100 and ordered hemoglobin without a doctor's order, resulting in cardiac arrest from internal bleeding and death six days later.

$492,350.00 verdict in the Circuit Court of Cook County in a battery and negligent security claim against bar. The client, in an unprovoked attacked by a bar security guard, was knocked to the ground in the bar and suffered head injuries, including a concussion and bleeding in the brain. The client was in the hospital for almost a month but made a full recovery. The defendant bar argued that Friedman & Bonebrake's client was intoxicated and caused his own injuries through inappropriate behavior. The verdict was reduced by only 10% from $547,056 for the client’s contributory negligence.

$325,000.00 settlement to a client who was riding her bicycle when she was sideswiped by a car in a hit-and-run accident. Client suffered a concussion, post-concussion syndrome, and herniated disc in her neck which may require surgery in the future.

$275,000.00 settlement to a client whose car was struck in a head-on collision when a Pace Bus crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic. As a result, our client suffered a torn rotator cuff which required surgery and physical therapy.

$275,000 awarded to the family of a 50 year old heroin addict went to the emergency room with fever, chills, and a low grade fever. The standard of care required that a blood test for bacterial infections be performed on patients with these symptoms who are known intravenous drug abusers. The emergency room doctor told the patient he had the flu and sent him home without performing any blood tests. The patient died of bacterial sepsis two days later. Matthew C. Friedman obtained a $275,000.00 settlement for his wife, son and daughter.

$180,000.00 settlement to a client who was struck by cab: client suffered a torn ACL and, as a result, she required arthroscopic surgery and physical therapy.

$175,000 awarded to two children, brother and sister, were found to have very high lead levels in their blood. The apartment they lived in had very high concentrations of lead paint. This despite the fact that lead paint has been banned since 1977 and landlords have been required by Illinois law and Chicago ordinances to remove all lead hazards. The children now suffer from hyperactivity and severe learning disabilities as a result of the lead poisoning. Matthew C. Friedman obtained a $175,000.00 settlement from the landlord's insurance company.

$700,000 awarded to a 41 year old man who was severely injured when he was struck by a drunk driver while using the walk-up deposit box at a bank. Alleged that the bank and architects improperly placed the walk-up deposit box in the driveway used by cars to exit drive-up.

$500,000 awarded to the family of a 26 year old woman who died after a Doctor failed to timely diagnose breast cancer.

$425,000 awarded to the family of a 14 year old girl who died when an emergency room doctor failed to diagnose cerebellar infarction.

$200,000 Jury verdict award to a 50 year old man who lost a testicle when an emergency room physician failed to diagnose testicular torsion.

$140,000.00 settlement to a client who was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk and drove through fresh concrete that was just poured and he flipped over the handle bars. As a result, our client suffered a torn rotator cuff which required surgery and physical therapy. The defendant general contractor failed to warn the plaintiff and other pedestrians.

$125,000 awarded to a 9 year old girl who was attacked by a pit bull while walking home from school, resulting in scaring that led to a quarter size bald spot on her head.

$155,000 awarded to a 45 year old man who suffered a broken arm when, as a pedestrian, he was struck by a car.

$100,000 awarded to a 25 year old woman who suffered a torn ACL when her bicycle was struck by a car.

$100,000 awarded to a woman whose car was struck when a car traveling the opposite direction crossed the center line of the road and struck our client head-on, resulting in a crush injury to her chest. Recovered $100,000.00 policy limits from the defendant's insurance company.

$100,000 awarded to a 30 year old women who was a passenger in a vehicle when the driver lost control and the car rolled over, resulting in severe head injuries. Recovered $100,000.00 policy limits from the defendant's insurance company.

$100,000 awarded to a 45 year old man who suffered a head injury after his car was cut off by defendant's car.

$155,000 awarded to a 20 year old man who was a passenger in a vehicle that lost control on the expressway, resulting in three surgeries to repair fractured arm. Recovered policy limits from insurance company.

$98,000 awarded to a 35 year old woman who fractured her ankle when the stairs in her apartment building collapsed.

$75,000 awarded to a 7 year old girl who suffered half inch facial scar after being bitten by an Akita dog.

$67,250 awarded to a 70 year old woman who fractured her elbow when she fell at a bowling alley.

$60,000 awarded to a 40 year old woman who suffered a torn ACL when she fell at a Jewel food store.